Gee - what to say! I have always wanted to be crafty and talented. So this winter I decided to give quilting a try - OMG! Happy i am now addicted to fabric, I can't go into any store with checking out fabric! I have made one fleece blanket and have made the top of one quilt from jelly rolls. I am a little afraid of the actual quilting though. I am almost done with my second quilt and can't wait to start my 3rd! It's a traditional, scrap quilt and i already have hundreds of pieces cut for it! this has really taken me over! Oh and I want to make a cathedral window, but would love to see picures of one, top and bottom...

Otherwise, I am married - 21 years! have a grown daughter, who wants my quilt but she has 3 dogs... I will probably give some to her in time - it will be hard to see the dogs tear it up - they are still pups-maybe in another year, they will be more grown up then. Oh and I work full time Happy.
I will add more later!
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