Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes, it obstructs your vision.

I am married to Scott, we have been together 17 years. We have two kids. Jovantae is 21 and Jailee is 13. We also have Cash, Poe, Pocky, Adolph, Ushio and Sherlock. Our pet children.

Our house is crazy! Awesome crazy :-p

I have recently taken up gardening. My mom always loved it, I always hated it but I am starting to find it slightly therapeutic. Well, as long as the squirrels aren't throwing hickory nuts at my head. I do not like Squirrels. They are the enemy!!!!

I am a major dork. I watch Fox News Constantly. Try and recycle "EVERYTHING."

I love fabric softener but despise doing laundry. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband that takes care of me and does it for me.

I love my country!! However I am not fond of our president. At all. He is an I-D-I-O-T !!!! He knows more about Pop Culture then what is going on with our Country.

I think kids need to learn about American History and learn about the Government. I think it should be a requirement. I think from 2nd-12th grade all children should have to take some type of English, Math, Science, Social Studies (Hx) class every year. Our children need to know about our history. Not the Kardashians. Happy

I have A.D.D. really bad. Really, Ummm... what was I saying? Oh yeah, I have A.D.D. really bad. ~~poor Scott~~

I confuse myself.

I want to have fun so I don't take things so serious anymore. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I am going to do my best to never repeat them, make it right with the people that I made them to. I love my family. They are what is most important. I am learning to not over extend yourself to people. Well learning the hard way. You can be there for people when they need you but dang....
I am just lucky I have great family and a great set of friends.

I ? Zombies. A lot!! They make me happy : ) I love doing silly things around the house. Googly eyes on things in the frig. Cigarette in the Alligators mouth. Brandon Lee beating up Mickey Mouse, Godzilla eating n Anime Character. You know funny stuff. Then sitting back and waiting for someone to notice.

My memory is pretty much non existent, so don't get mad if I don't remember something or someone. (Hey, maybe that makes me "Zombie Proof.")

I will always blame it on my brain surgery, even if that's not the reason. Just go with it.

I collect books. I have way to many but yet not enough. I'm reading Killing Jesus right now. It's by Bill O'Reilly. Don't freak out, it's a history book. He used to be a History teacher many moons ago.

I talk to homeless people a lot. They are really treated unfairly by a lot of people and generally really cool people.

I like old people a lot. I think everyone should respect their elders. Hold the dang door, pick up something heavy for them.

I have the most awesome (in my mind) T-Shirt collection ever.

I have the best brothers, best husband, best kids, and the best pets in the world!!! I had the best parents in the world and wish that they were still here to watch my kids grow up.

Did I mention that my brothers have the best sister and my husband has the best wife? Cause they do. For real!!

I love to craft, especially if it is re purposing something. I love to make green shampoo's, medicines, household cleaners etc.

I have way to many craft projects going on at one time.

I have to many hobbies.

I am blunt. Sometimes to blunt.

I think the dictionary is awesome!!

I have Sjogren's and it SUCKS!!!! BALLS!!

I collect boxes.

I shake to much.

I love scary movies even though they don't scare me.

I love that my son is 21 and still walks on his tippy toes.

I love that my kids call me mum.

I dislike odd numbers. (Yet I named my daughter Seven. It's ok. I love her. Seven is a very Spiritual number). And a Prince song.

I can make any number equal the number two Happy (Especially Seven-smh)

I love, love, love Asian horror films.

My house is decorated bi-polar. I like it Happy

I think Russell Brand is so funny it is ridiculous. He is also crazy smart.

I love:
~ Scott
~ Our kids
~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama
~ Raisin Bran
~ My petsies
~ Russell Brand
~ Zombies
~ Prince
~ books
~ crafting
~ antiques
~ music
~ Victorian hair art
~ fabric softener
~ I did say Russell Brand right? smh
~ Matthew Gray Gubler
~ Andy Kaufman
~ documentaries
~ Edgar Allan Poe
~ Science
~ Ghost hunting
~ Estate sales
~ Coupons
~ Johnny Cash
~ Audrey Hepburn
~ History
~ Cemeteries
~ Halloween
~ Scary Movies
~ Ghost stories
~ Black coffee
~ Old Churches
~ Fall Weather
~ The dictionary
~ Life
~ Alf
~ and........ pretty much anything dorky or deathy.

oh... and Zombies Happy (again)

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