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I love reading books, listening to silence.
Ever since I've moved to USA I try to do my best to advocate real food- cooked from scratch. I love living here with my hubby, but the amount of boxed foods was a cultural shock to me. I was dumbfounded when I saw powdered potatoes on the shelves, kids starting the day off with eating multicolored sugary cereal etc.
I'm also trying to advocate the best possible nutrition for babies - breastfeeding and discourage circumcision (which was another cultural shock, no one except for our Jew friends is circumcised in Poland. Even if you had already several sons that you circumcised, you can still educate yourself on the dangers of circumcision change your mind, realize it's mutilating your own baby. It's not your fault but the old propaganda done by the doctors in USA (in decline nowadays).
What else could I add? I dislike people who are:
*men who watch porn, women in those films suffer and have to be on heavy pain medication.

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