I love crafting but since I'm only starting to, I've done simple thing only. My goal is to be able to make a pin up dress. If I do that I'll be a happy sewer.
I love art, painting, sewing and deconstructing my clothes to make cooler items
I'm a broke collage student, so I save money by renewing the items of my closet instead of buying new clothes.

I love playing Xbox with my boyfriend, assassins creed, Star Wars, batman, and Marvel.
I don't like dc comics, excluding batman.

I consider my style as fun and maybe not unique, but I dress as I feel, if I'm feeling good I'll try to come up with a different or singular outfit.
40% of my closet is pink and black, but the rest is super colorful.

Make sure to check out my blog, where I talk about life, and sewing for beginners

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