"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
~ Henry Ford ~

I was born & raised in the small historic town of Galesburg, IL, founded by anti-slavery activists from Western New York in 1830. THEY BROKE THE PRAIRIE is the title of the book about the early history of the town located on virgin prairie in north west central IL. Later, the town became a major station on the Underground Railroad. Lincoln debated Douglas there at Knox College and the great poet, Carl Sandburg, was a native. He was born in a small cottage around the corner from my great grandparents' home. The inventor of the Ferris Wheel, George Ferris, also hales from Galesburg, and his descendants lived around the corner from my childhood home. Galesburg was founded by George Washington Gale, Presbyterian minister, b. in Dutchess Co., NY in 1789. He departed with several other Western New York founders of Galesburg from Adams, NY . He held a famous religious revival ...in 1823 in Adams. Some people who came with him were converts. He taught at the Oneida Institute where Lyman Beecher was the president (he was the sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe). They took the canal from Utica to Rochester, NY & finally landed in the promised land of Galesburg in 1830.

I am interested in almost everything. Life is an ever-unfolding mystery.

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