Well hello there! You already know my name so lets get down to business. I'm 20 and currently going to school for Animation. I'm looking to transfer to a physical school, rather going online. I've been online for over a year now and it just isn't the place for me. I have art scattered about my wall so feel free to track some down and leave a comment.

I love meeting new people, so feel free to say HI THERE and get to know me better. I can come off as a bitch from time to time but I promise I won't bite. With that being said, don't be afraid to express your opinion about what I have to offer. I can be stubborn but I will take the better of advice when given.

I have a rather difficult time trusting from time to time but that can be changed.

I'm a gamer. I play World of Warcraft and enjoy a few handheld games. I've looked into going to school for Game Design as well but we'll see where school takes me.

My biggest accomplishment would have to be buying my first car. I own a '04 40th year anniversary Mustang. Perhaps not the best investment but a car I've wanted since I can remember.

I have no regrets and can't have regrets, just gotta move forward. Dwelling on the past has taught me nothing and I'm fairly certain it never will.


Beloved steed of Prince Arthas Menethil

Loyal and great of heart in life, may you find peace in death.

Pure streams and green pastures, devoted friend.

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