Born in Newport News, VA to my mother Stephanie. Once lived in North Carolina with my first brother, moved back some time after. My father moved to Arizona and back here a few years later. My grandmother died of cancer on December 19, 2005 at her job. Since then I am not able to walk in there, and she was my mother's as well as my best friend. I started writing and drawing sometime after that. l love to swim, and my mother and I will face the water at almost any temperature. As far as school I attended Carver Elementary and Kiln Creek. At Dozier Middle school I joined band for those three years. When I got to Denbigh High, I dropped band for JROTC and joined drill team. I have been in the program for three years. When I get out of high school I hope to join the military to become a pilot of hopefully a blackhawk and drop or pick up soldiers. Either that or become a nurse. And in the years since school, I have gained two more brothers and one sister. The oldest of the three boys joins me at Denbigh High an in JROTC. Though i devote myself to ROTC, I love to draw even more with the hope of having my own anime series one day and being recognized as a Gekiga artist like my hero Rumiko Takahashi (the creator of InuYasha)

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