Red is my favourite color, it is my obsession. Let's take a minute here to appreciate it. Red is bright, it is dark, it is the colour of blood, passion and death. Red looks great with black and white. Red is strong and stirs the soul, it comes in many guises and has many names - vermilion, scarlet, crimson, tomato, pillar box, cherry and let's not forget ruby. Red is a great diversifier, it can disguise itself in cunning ways to make pink, orange and violet. Pink is Red disguised as something soft and feminine but with a dagger behind her back. Orange is Red in a good mood, sunny and happy and violet is Red in a complete, mind blowing temper tantrum. Red is the colour of anger, of "seeing red" or the "red mist". It's the colour behind your eyes on a hot day and the colour of migraine. Red is great to wear - on your toenails, on your lips, clothes, hair colour and shoes. There is nothing left to analyse.

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