Sagittarius woman.....She is so good at transforming herself. She can be a 20th century fox or a 19th century peasant, which ever you want her to be, she will be for you. She is a traveling gypsy and will not want to be held down too long. Love her and let her go, you will remember the good times for they will stay in your memory for a long time to come. She is the baccalaureate of the zodiac and only if she is allowed to be married to a man who allows her complete and total freedom.no questions asked.will she even think about a commitment. She will go into a commitment for the sole reason of having a daddy for her children, but when it comes to her settling for only one man.look out.she is the one who thought of the open marriage arrangement. She is interested in so many things including what is going on in your head. Tell her what your thoughts are and be as honest as you possibly can. She hates to be lied to, but she doesn't mind telling you some small white lies. Don't call her on these for she will be very embarrassed and act like it was all your fault not hers. She can be your best friend and your passionate lover. Let her express her creative drives and you will be allowed to venture into the depths of her soul. She is a bit self-centered, but she knows how to make you feel extra special. Her free spirit will both excite you and break your heart. You must respect her choices and if you do you will see that she has a knack for being able to understand you better than anyone else can. She is a freedom seeker, an adventurous traveler of the world, and a beautiful gypsy with a grand bit of mystery that can keep you interested in her over and over again.

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