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hi there!
Well I have been a writer for many many years...but not everyone who knows me was aware of that.
Up until just recently I decided to share my writings publically. In October of 2007 I was given the opportunity to be first up on the Mic at the All Female Urban Art Show titled "Within" which took place in downtown Los Angeles @ Crash Mansion.
The familiar saying goes-Save the Best For Last...however perhaps on that lovely day in Oct., it was quite the opposite?! Once again "thank you for lending me your ears and I hope that you enjoy my words" Lotus Love.
More sounds and recordings to come soon, so check back!
Add me as your friend...If you put me on your "Top Friends" list and help promote me with bulletins I promise to love you long time! (just kidding mofos) Don't get it twisted because at times what you see, may not be what you get. People look at me at first glance and they assume that I am either just some Asian Doll who...I don't know should be quiet or subserviant or perhaps just good for cooking or cleaning as in traditional Asian cultures.
This woman, this Lotus Flower is something unique. Yes, i did once work as a manicurist (briefly) in my aunt's Nail Salon, haha! However this is one Vietnamese lady not made to just file your nails son! Perhaps what you hear is unexpected, maybe some will dig it while others don't care for my words. Some of my writings are silly while others are pretty deep and written for those who enjoy thinking and contemplating life.
I am a strong, proud female believing in and practicing the art of woman power! i dream to take over the world or at least rule my own queendom. Look around and all you see is Vietnamese Owned Nail Salons, The Vietnamese people are born hustlers. We have already taken over the business of manicuring, so it's up to me to discover what else we can crush!
"Believe in~ Peace, Love, =), + Lotus!" Lotus 2007+

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