sHandke ART is the artwork and illustrations of Shawna L Handke. Handke has studied graphic design and illustration, and received her degree in Art with an emphasis in painting from the University of Nebraska in 2003. She has always been an artist. Every since her earliest memories as a child, she spent time creating artwork and reflecting on the people who surround her. Her artwork allows her child-like creativity to emerge, and she now has a complete series that shows the nature of this freedom of expression. Her illustrations, called Scribbles--Sketches are free-spirited and full of vibrant color; they also reuse resources that others have carelessly tossed in the trash. The lines are expressive and each completed project is professionally executed. She has participated in several art shows throughout the country and continues to exhibit her work. Overall, her artwork is an immediate reflection of her life and her interpretation of others’ lives.

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