My name is Karolina Eleonóra and I'm a Swedish raw dessert chef.
I'm 32 years old when writing and for the moment I live with my love Jakob and our two guinea pigs, Molly & Bubbles, in a turn of the century flat in the medieval town Västerås. (Our church is from the 1300 century, not bad ey?)

I've been working with raw desserts since 2007. I have no formal education in baking, my skills are obtained from trial and error, and a passion for mastering my craft, which I personally think is the best way to learn anything.

I also LOVE to shoot food. I use to
say that I’m in the food porn biz. You know, chocolate sauce dripping down from that dreamy sundae that you just want to throw yourself at. That’s what I’m into.

See more of my new eBook: "Snack Smarter, a raw baking guide to a smarter way to snack" here: www.therawdessertkitchen.com

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