I'm not sure what to say in these things. Basics...I'm in my 20's, married to my high school sweetheart that I've known since 3rd grade. I have 2 children (and only 2!), both boys. One has bright orange hair and the younger seems to be heading toward orange as well. ^^ I love books with a passion and it's hard to pick my favorites.

I've been sewing like nobody's business and have even succeeded in modifying a pattern into a whole new one! I now have a sewing machine and hope that it'll help me to sewing up larger projects...such as the 31 inch dolls I'm working on.

I'm really good at baking according to my husband and am quite excellent at making the sweets with a splenda sugar so he can actually eat them. I hope to learn more on the sewing front here but I wouldn't mind picking up more baking tips too!

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