My name is Emma.
I live in Australia in my own house with my 2 beautiful Miniture long-haired Dashchunds Amber-Lee and Eboni Rose.
I also have 2 Spoodle Lexi and Phoebe that live with my mum and dad cause I thought it would be too heart breaking taking them away from their home where they were raised.
Also my boyfriend lives with me but he is only here 1 week out of every 3.
I'm a vegetarian and damn proud of it no matter what anyone says. I'm an animal rights activist and will do anything to speak and fight for those who cant speak for themselves.
I love cake decorating and do this as a side project in my spare time.
I also love making things at the moment I'm working on making hair clips and some of them have turned out really well!
Metal music is my choice and I love it! It's the best music ever!
I'm always looking for people to hang out with and craft in Adelaide so hit me up Happy

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