Hi everyone who sees this,

Who am I? A 60 yr old kid. I love color, crafts of all kind and am a professional face and body artist.
Art is in my blood and if i bled, it would be the color of a rainbow with glitter.

My belief about art is is that there is NO wrong in art. When I talk to the kids I face paint, I try and encourage them to try anything and to remember to have fun while experimenting in art and most important..yes.."there is NO wrong in art"!.

I believe we ALL are creative...painting, knitting, bookkeeping, nursing whatever....it is all creativity. We are CREATED beings so we must have some attributes of our Creator, right? So ...we are Creative.

I am married to my high school sweetheart (we both grew up in So Calif and now we are living in the high mtns of Utah in cow and sheep country and loving it). We have three dogs and have had rats, finches, parakeets and fish.

So with that I will close but will add more later.

Have a blessed day and keep creating!
Dana "imagination gone wild" !..y.up that's me (and the name of my face painting company)

(bless you for taking your time to read my little diddy on me)

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