I like to be outrageous! I create and think of the weirdest things! I love random things, but not 24/7! When I die, my tomb will say, "THe Black Sheep of the world". ^-^ I looove music and cant go one day without it (but don't woory, Im not all HSM, and I dont burst into song, well...^-^) I speak some german, but mostly english! I can hang out with anyone/anytime! I dont judge people, and I always have arms wide open!sometimes I can be shy, but I'm not, especially when you really get to know me! I love all colors, but I have a favorite per week, and my main one is usually black! I can be sarcastic, but I know when to do it and when to keep my comments to myself! ^-^ My motto is "Live every second!"
-Color this week: Orange
-Fav Food: Chinese!
-Fav Feature(s): My Eyes, they're hazel! And sometimes my hourglass shape, but I normally cover it with my awesome baggy clothes (but not overly baggy!)
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