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hi, thank you for faving my camisole top!!!
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi Doom Baby
If you are sizing down a top you will need more fabric under the arm. You don't say how fitted the top is or if it has sleeves. I'm presuming it's a vest type.

Measure HALF of the top width from centre front to side seam. Measure yourself the same way. You should have approximately 1 inch extra for close fit.

Balance seams across the panels by:-

1.To balance the centre front panel.
If it's too wide across bust measure the distance between your bust from nipple to nipple. Half the figure and working from the centre front line measure outwards and mark were new seam will be (leaving seam allowance on)

2. Evenly reduce the extra fabric across the remaining seams keeping the shaping along the length of the seams marking new seam positions

3. Put top on and get a friend to lift the shoulder seam to the right height and mark inside with marker pen and tape so the seam position is comfortable. This will lift the underarm area to give you the extra fabric you need.

4. Lifting on the shoulder will also raise the front so you will have to adjust the neckline. Follow the original line and take a little off at at time till you are happy

5. If you have a plain back with centre seam you can adjust the back through that seam. For a panelled back use same method as front.

6. You can also adjust the fit by taking more off the side back seams than the front (if you have a narrow back) or take more off front side seams to give more fullness across the back

7. Once you are happy with resizing carefully unpick seams mark with washable marker pen. I use paper tape to keep seams together while I stitch PVC. You can hide any imperfections with top stitch

Hope this helps. Message me if you get stuck

Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
hello, i've put some information on your question about altering a PVC top. Hope it's useful x