hi ^^,)
so i have always been a creative person but my biggest down fall is my attention span is very narrow and a procrastinate a hell of a lot.
i really enjoy making jewellery but i am still learning all the ins and outs.
i am learning how to sew with the help of my mom and gran (who used to be a killer dress maker back in her day) i really regret not having her teach me years ago when she was still young enough to do so, as well as friends giving me helpful hints now and then.
as i said i am still learning so please be patient with me. i always have EPIC ideas then i doubt my abilities then land up not making the idea into reality.
i am really into the goth/alternative scene but as i live in South Africa i isn't easy to come by the international merchandise so i try make my own or have someone custom make something for me.

my greatest passion is cooking and most people love my food. but sadly most of the time i just throw things together then forget what i did and cannot replicate it again (facepalm)
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