I am a born again spirit-filled Christian and a wife to very attentive, caring husband for 25+ years. We have 6 kids ages 41, 34, 25, 23, 21, and 15. We adopted the 25, and 15 year old when they were young. We were also foster parents for 7 years. I am a proud Grandma to 4 kids.
My health has become an issue as I have several illnesses including Diabetes, and MS. The MS has caused me loss of strength in my right side. On that side I have foot drop and little to no use of my hand. I love going online to Facebook, and searching the web. Writing is what I really enjoy, but seem to get distracted from it easily. I love to have plants in the house and out to care for. Actually my husband does a lot of that care. I am not real coordinated and fall from time to time. I do very little cooking now. My wonderful husband and kids share that responsibility. This is a only a glimpse of my life and who I am.

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