I am a crafty procrastinator, a pitiful housekeeper, worse that the worse, I am working on it, but never will be perfect, loving single mom with lax discipline problems, mother of 7 kids, and a grandmother of 4, soon to be 5 kids. and I do love babies, and kidses! I suffer with fibromyalgia and have short term memory problems, thus the discipline problems, I cannot remember for sure just WHAT did I say, etc! I collect dolls and quilting material, I have several doll dresses cut out and ready to sew. and many many poor naked dolls, that need clothes, one quilt that needs to be put together and the material for several more. I like to paint with oils and sculpt with sculpy clays, and too many other craft supplies and projects, like embroidery, crocheting , and beadwork to mention a few! I need to get organized and then my house will be great!
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