my name is Jess Wynn.

stray is my heart.
i make what i love. i try to reuse as much as possible.
i love old things...and turning them into new things.
i have an amazing husband. and 2 wonderful dogs.

i love shoppin & gettin new fun accessories as much as the next gal (or guy)!
but there is already just so much STUFF in the world...
so why not make something new out of something old.
it's so fulfilling to take something discarded, & breathe new life into it...

everything you see here is handmade by me with love,
incorporating vintage buttons, antique keys & vintage findings.
completely one of a kind.
no one else in the world will have the same piece as you.

STRAY BUTTONS, that’s exactly what they are.
no longer attached to a shirt or jacket...these little guys deserve the spotlight!
all of my buttons are vintage. i’ve rummaged through my gramma’s closets,
trekked through flea markets & even cut some from old clothes!
each button is picked by me to bring out the best in its buddies!
they are then hand wrapped with jeweler’s wire. and strung on an appropriate chain.

STRAY KEYS, are antique skeleton keys.
same as the buttons, i scour the earth to find these bad boys.
alone or fancied up with beads, shells, & other goodies;
they make a statement.
wear a little piece of history.
all are vintage. and they all have character.
(that means they might be rusted, stained, bent or otherwise not perfect.)

REVAMPED VINTAGE, oldies but goodies.
i also use other vintage findings...
such as costume jewelry, toys, clothes, mason jars & purses.
occasionally i sell as is. but more than likely, i will repurpose & reassemble...
to create something new and one of a kind.
as for the purses...i use my love of graffiti for inspiration.
i hand-cut and stencil the graphics with spraypaint.
they are then coated with a sealer.



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Sophee P.
Sophee P. · Oakland, California, US · 2 projects
very interesting. I love your value of reuse. That is something I believe in as well.