i'm gilgamesh. following the paths of creation has led me here it seems and so far i see a lot of wonderful things ^_^. i come here to absorb the knowledge of others and use the nuggets of knowledge to create and inspire others as it was done for me. so it can all go full circle. still trying to find a focus and lately feeling a little scattered. but at least a few core goals remain common. i want to do a more effective job being of service to people. i want to learn. and i want to give back to a world that has given me so much. pass on the seeds of inspiration and investigation as it was done for me. i have a ways to go before i can become familur but i understand art shouldn't be rushed lol just trying to shake that feeling of being rushed all the time and focus. learn from others. trade with others. and, though not my main intent but make a little money. everything i will put up i will try to offer for BOTH coin or trade. i like being surprised. and i adore all these wonderful people. i want to absorb the stories of many. care for many. and lately, life has pointed me in stranger still directions but in a comical and entertaining manner at the very least. lately i have been dealing with a spell of doubt. but the more i break from doubt while at the same time maintain respect for all, it has led to wonderful outcomes. i hope to meet and work with many. hopefully have many wonderful conversations here as well. by sharing stories with one another, we get stronger.

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