Hey im Hannah! Im from Somerset in England n love loads of things lol! I listen to music ( mainly rap but other stuff is good 2! ) i also lurve my friends as a i couldn't live without them! I love making things as i think its better to make things yourself if you can 'cus those things normally look better anyway! Im doing up a dolls house at the moment ready to sell! Thats bout all from me now! Hannah xx.
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hi! thanks for favoriting my vinyl bowl version! I didn´t use gloves for molding it but, for taking it out of the oven I took a towel or cooking gloves because it was a bit hot. The important thing is that you put the vinyl on the top of a bowl (I used one of glass) and for molding it press the vinyl into the bowl and let it gets cold and hard. My english is a little bit bad I hope you understood me.