I'm an avid crafter!!! I enjoy making jewelry, painting, planting flowers, beading, leather crafting and I'm currently learning to sew and make quilts!!!
My absolute favorite thing is to give back to my Community. I was in Camp Fire as a child and young lady. I went on to be the Leader to my own daughters Group. Eventually, I became our Camp Fire Council's Program Director. But in 2006, I became I'll with Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Migraines and some Mental issues. I had to step down as PD for Tesuya Council. My crafting was the one thing during ALL these issues that kept me somewhat sane, lol!!! It's been a really long and bumpy road, but I'm ready now to get back to teaching some of my crafts at our yearly Summer Camp!!! I'm hoping to make my return next Summer (2020). This year I am having to move to a different location.
I feel that if we do not pass down our crafting "gifts" to the young people of today, well we will loss such wonderful skills, the joy of learning something new and the amazing friendships that can be made between the older generation and the youth of today.
A Special Lady from when I was a little girl in Camp Fire, started me on my way and love of crafts at Summer Camp in 1977. She also became a 2nd Mom to me due to her patience, love of fun and her neverending encouragement. She would tells us to always try in everything we do, don't let people tell us that we can't do anything, just because your craft looks different from someone else's, is because we are all different and we don't think like everyone else and the messier your hands get the better the project will turn out, lol!!! I literally took these words to heart and have even passed them on to many of the kiddos that I have taught different crafts to through the years!!!!
I don't know what I would have done while I was so sick, but my crafting helped me to feel that no matter what shape I was in at the time, creating helped to keep my mind off all the tests, surgeries, physical and mental stress and my many melt-downs. I'm not a perfect person and not all of my creations are perfect either. It was the process of creating and the sheer enjoyment that truly kept my head above the waters, at times. The good Lord gave me a way of expressing myself. NOW it's my turn to give our Camp Fire youth a way to Express themselves and to know that someone does care for them in this Crazy World!!!

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