My name is Christy, and I'm married with one child and 2 small dogs (dachshund and chihuahua).
I'm a self-taught sewer/crafter, and the only one in my large family that attempts crafts....so I am a magical crafty-wish-granting-hero to my family, woop woop. I'm not about to let them know how fun and mostly easy crafting is...I like my cool new position!
I really enjoy sewing (everything but clothes), making ATCs, and attempting all other crafts, except yarn...maybe it's a texture thing, but I'm not really feelin yarn (although I have a few I'm-dying-for-this yarn crafts in my pinterest).

I swap on Craftster (everything) and swap-bot (mostly ATCs) and have been wanting to check out Cut Out + Keep for awhile....so here I gooooooo

General Likes:
* Colors/Fabrics: everything but my dislikes. I love just about all colors, from bold to natural. I lean toward more modern prints, but my fabric loves can easily change on sight Happy
* anything odd, interesting, or cute...I'm not crazy about scary gore though
* crazy faced llamas, Grumpy cat (I'm not a cat fan in general though, weird), odd people/creatures/animals

Crafty Likes:
* Teesha Moore patches
* fandom crafts: my pinterest TV/Books folder has lots of pins showing my favs here
* I'd love a collection of (any sized) dimensional paper or clay fandom scenes. I havent tried to make one, but I got one in a swap and looove it (example in my "swaps I received" folder

* Colors/fabrics: Orange, solid plain brown (as a main fabric), hunter green, tie-dye, batiks, glitter, hippy, fluorescent, super frilly/lacy, country kitchen...if you can find a color or pattern in the Justice kids clothes store, I probably won't like it ;)

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