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Chie Duncan

When did you first start sewing and how did you learn?

I first started sewing in 2008. I learned by asking google. I spent a lot of time working through youtube tutorials and print materials I got from the library. My library card got a workout from 08-09.

Can you remember the first thing you made?

I first made a now lost pillow case. I moved from Philly to Japan and somewhere during that time it sadly vanished.

Do you have any favourite pattern designers or celebrity sewers?

I really like Colette pattern.I make most of my own patterns but still use hers as a base for making personal items.

What's your sewing room like and how do you organize your stash?

Attached are some pictures. What's not shown is that it is part of my bedroom. It has recently become more organized after some slight renovations with the arrival of my Juki industrial sewing machine. It was never really all that disorganized but it's one of those things that I am always looking for ways to make it look, feel and function better.?The stash is all located in a converted book shelf. The pieces are separated by color.

What music/podcasts/TV shows do you love to stitch along to?

I listen to a Japanese radio station called J-wave. It actually functions more as white noise than anything else. I catch bits and pieces but when I start sewing I usually zone in and everything else gets pushed aside.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I am a workout freak. I usually workout 5-6 days per week. Between work, sewing, baby, husband and getting to the gym I don't have a whole lot of unused time. I would like to craft more but not sure where I could fit it in at the moment. If my daughter shows an interest in crafting I will make sure to open up some time to help her learn.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I really appreciate the online sewing community and am glad to be part of it with you all. If I wasn't able to find so much help and inspiration from sites like this VV wouldn't exist.

Chie Duncan
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What's your favorite...

TV Show
New York and Bangkok
40 Year Old Virgin
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wild
Fabric Brand
I don't really have one.
Sewing accessory or Tool
Taylor's Ham because I can throw it at my husband when I get mad.