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just outside of Sacramento, California
cheese monger, blogger by night

When did you first get in to cooking and do you remember the first recipe you tried?

My mom always loathed cooking us dinner when we were kids. I remember watching an episode of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee on the Food Network and falling in love with her easy recipes. I offered to make dinner one night, loved it, and decided to cook dinner every night. I've been cooking dinner nightly for my family of 5 for over 5 years! I think my first dish I tried was something with kielbasa sausage and peppers.

What's your kitchen like and how do you keep organized when cooking?

We rent, so I can't deck it out as much as I'd like (hello, ideal is pink walls!!) but my kitchen MUST be clean. No crumbs on the counters or floors, no stains, nothing! I'm totally OCD about this, haha. And to keep clean, I kind of wipe up as I go. However, my kitchen still manages to look completely turned upside down when I'm done.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to become a better cook?

Experiment often! You never know until you try, and try again. I've had SO many flops, but my willingness to try again and again inspires me to get it perfect and learn new things along the way.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party and what would you cook for them?

I'm kind of weirdly obsessed with actress Jennifer Lawrence, so I'd probably make her some really good, stick to your ribs kinda food, like pulled pork mac and cheese or something, with caramely, fudgy brownies for dessert. I'd also love to invite Guy Fieri over to cook with--I'd want to make sushi with him!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

Occasionally, but my baking is better than my crafting.

Which cooking blogs do you love to read?

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'd LOVE to meet you all! Come say hi and get hyper off of sugar with me at my blog anytime :)

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What's your favorite...

TV Show
American Horror Story, Arrested Development and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I know, I know)
Oingo Boingo, Spice Girls
San Francisco, CA
The Royal Tenenbaums
Cook Book
The Ultimate Cake Mix Cookie Book, 101 Things To Do with a Cake Mix
Mexican, Italian, Japanese, American, Breakfast, Dessert, anything salty :)
cake mix, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla bean paste
Kitchen Gadget
my KitchenAid stand mixer! Or a rubber spatula.