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Puerto Rico
Engineering Student

How would you describe your style and who are your style icons?

My everyday style consists of pairing knits with shorts. I love winter wear but I live in tropical weather so that's my way to compromise the two. One of my favorite style icons is Olivia Palermo, she always looks classic.

What's in your everyday make-up bag?

I always have three or four shades of lipstick so I can choose one depending on my mood. I usually carry MAC Angel, Velvet Teddy, and NARS Dragon Girl.

What is your beauty routine like?

I always moisturize my face with a gel moisturizer, then I move on to my makeup. I use a light coverage foundation during the daytime and medium coverage for the nighttime.

If you could makeover a celebrity, who would it be and what look would you give them?

I would love to do Jennifer Lawrence's makeup. She is stunning and usually wears a similar eyelook suited for her hooded eyes. I'd give her an edgier look by pairing a winged smoky eye with glitter.

Any tips for someone wanting to mix up their look?

Experimenting with lip colors is an easy way to vary your look. You can keep the same neutral eye makeup and exchange your lipstick to achieve totally different looks. You can choose from red shades, corals, nudes, pinks, and vampy colors.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I love crafting Decoden cell phone cases and making jewelry, especially chain bracelets.

  • false Make-Up Techniques
  • false Special FX Make-Up
  • false Face Painting
  • false Nail Art / Painting
  • false Hair Styling
  • false Hair Coloring
  • false Hair Cutting
  • false Tattoo / henna / body-art
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What's your favorite...

TV Show
The XX
Milan, Italy
Everything Is Illuminated
Beauty Brand
Colour / Shade
Mint Green
Beauty Product
MAC Fleur Power Blush