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Eryn Shields
Dallas, TX
Pattern Designer and Editor In Chief

When did you first start getting crafty and creative with fashion?

I fell into sewing by accident. Five years ago, I was pregnant with and getting big very quickly. I did not like the maternity clothes options and decided to learn to make a few quick dresses to get me through the pregnancy. I had no plans to continue sewing beyond that. I ended up falling in love with sewing and haven't stopped!

Who are your favorite fashionistas and designers?

My style has evolved so much that it's so hard to pinpoint who is my favorite at any given time!

I can say that I'm into seeing fashionistas in sleek looks with denim and solid colors with a barely-there heel or comfy sneakers.

What are your ultimate style tips?

Keep the basics at the ready! No matter what your personal style is, they go with everything and are clutch for outfit emergencies.

My must-have basics are short sleeve tees, blazers, pencil skirt, flat shoes, and booties/heels all in the combination of black, ivory, gray, or navy. And of course, a comfy pair of light and dark wash denim are musts.

If you could borrow one thing from a celebrities wardrobe, what & who would you choose?

An ivory silk blouse (and a tailored blazer)! Okay, two! :)

Which fashion blogs do you love to read?

I live on Pinterest. I get to keep in touch with what the world loves in one place. I get lots of outfit inspiration there and projects that I'd like to make for myself!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I actually play three instruments: flute, piano, and trumpet. I get a kick out of listening to music and picking apart all of the melodies and beats in a song. It's very relaxing.

I read A LOT. I'm usually reading at least two books at the same time! I have one going on my audiobooks and I'm reading a physical or e-book on my Kindle.

I love suspense fiction, some fantasy, horror, business, and spirituality. Basically, I'll read everything except romance.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I design and produce my line of stylish, quick, and beginner-friendly sewing patterns over at

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