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Vera Vandenbosch
United States
Writer, Crafter, Photographer, Marketer

When did you first start getting crafty and creative with fashion?

For as long as I remember. I was born and raised just outside of Antwerp, Belgium. The nuns at the Catholic school I attended until age 18 still believed that sewing and needlework were good skills for a girl to know... I also had to wear a navy blue uniform, and I think my interest in fashion was a reaction against that :).

Who are your favorite fashionistas and designers?

Of course I am a huge fan of Belgian designers Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Martin Margiela, Veronique Branquinho and Raf Simons, who now designs for Christian Dior.

What are your ultimate style tips?

Don't blindly follow trends, be yourself and ALWAYS be comfortable in what you are wearing.

If you could borrow one thing from a celebrities wardrobe, what & who would you choose?

Carey Mulligan: she has the BEST dresses!

Which fashion blogs do you love to read?

I regularly read (bad name, fantastic blog)

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I love recycling and repurposing, and I am always experimenting with turning trash into (ideally) treasures. It does not always work out, but it's always a lot of fun to try.
I also write the Vera's journal blog for Calico:
And last but not least, I write craft books. My first big one, Scraps, will be published by the Taunton Press in January 2015:

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What's your favorite...

Favorite TV Show:
Game of Thrones
Favorite Band:
Steely Dan
Favorite City:
Brooklyn and Antwerp (my hometown)
Favorite Movie:
Velvet Goldmine and anything scifi
Favorite Magazine:
Favorite Fashion Brand:
J Crew
Favorite Color:
Favorite Shop:
Flea markets