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Amy Ellis
Bolingbrook, Illinois
Billing Specialist / DIY and Craft Blogger

Tell us a bit about your home and what you love about it the most?

My home is a rather small townhouse, but it has three floors which creates a sense of space and seperation for everyone.

What was the first DIY project you did to your home or first thing you made for it?

I refinished an unmatching china cabinet and buffet table into a matching set with paint, wooden appliques and new hardware.

Do you have any tips for staying tidy & organised?

Storage can come in many shapes and forms. Getting creative when finding ways to store my "stuff" has helped save money and keep it fun.

If you could tour any celebrities home, who would it be?

John Wayne's or Clint Eastwoods, hoping I'd fine some good old cowboy memorabilia.

If you had three wishes, what changes would you make to your home?

That it had a garage, that it had one extra room, and that it was located closer to where my sisters live.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

Painting, faux texture techniques, faux stained glass. I like a lot of faux! Craft and DIY is my hobby, but if I'm not doing that, I like to take road trips, go camping, hiking, and horseback riding. I'm also hooked on mystery novels and true crime tv shows.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Experimenting with something I've never seen done before is probably my favorite approach to crafting. I'm always so inspired by the many creative ideas I see in the DIY world. Then I like to ask myself, " now what if I changed that just a little and did this...?" It doesn't always pan out for me, though ;)

Amy Ellis
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What's your favorite...

TV Show
Blues Traveler
Room with a View
Midwest Living
Any Thrift shop
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