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Have you always been creative and what’s the earliest work you can remember creating?

M: I have always been creative.As a kid I would always draw some pretty cool stuff.One of my earliest drawings was a pretty realistic looking tiger.

S: The truth is that I've always been creative.I can actually remember a few things that I created and it was mostly jewelry.But I can say that my true love is drawing.Sketches are always the greatest part of my creations.

What's your studio like and how do you keep organised?

M: My workspace is super unorganized.But I make sure I have inspirational quotes framed up on a wall,some cute patterns and drawings I have creates and,of course,my vision board.All these things motivate me and that I think is very important.

S: Well I have a place where I go when I want to get inspired, to be creative. This place is my room where I keep everything away from the world. It's my tiny place where I keep my books, my drawings, my computer and that part of me that many people don't know. I try to organize my things but I don't always manage to do that.

Where do you look for inspiration?

M: I literally can get inspired by almost everything.Seeing a nice building or the work of an artist that I really love never fails to motivate and inspire me.Besides that,the Internet for me is also a place where I get inspiration from.

S: I can say that I always get inspired by the little things in life.For example, I can get inspired by a walk in the park, where everything is peaceful and unique.I feel like I can easily find inspiration in every aspect of life.I will definitely get inspired by a song, a movie, a rainy Sunday morning or even a person who makes me feel different and helps me see life from another perspective.

Whats in your pencil case / camera bag?

M: In the top drawer of my desk is mostly craft supplies.I like storing there my paint,paintbrushes,hot glue gun and other craft supplies.

S: My drawing pencils.

Any tips for someone suffering from creative block?

M: Take a step back.One of the main reasons somebody may be suffering a creative block is because they have too many things going on at the same time.Make sure you always have things around you that inspire you and once you start taking it easy you will realize everything is gonna be alright.

S: You have to let loose. Let yourself enjoy the little things in life.Appreciate what you've been given and try to be happy. Don't be in pressure and you will get inspired. You won't be suffering from creative block anymore.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

M: I absolutely love doing different crafts like drawing,painting and experimenting with craft tutorials I find online.Apart from that,I also love photography.When I have some free time I like to go out and take pictures of pretty things.

S: No I wouldn't say that I do other crafts.As far as my hobbies are concerned I will let you know that I'm a volleyball player. The game of volleyball is everything to me. It's the place where I can feel alive and free. It's that place where I can be myself, and I do appreciate that a lot.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

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