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What are your hobbies?

Blogging has definitely become my biggest hobby – it’s such a great creative outlet, and challenging in that I’m always trying to improve my techniques, recipes, craft ideas and photography. Other than blogging, I love love (love!) to travel all over the world with my husband discovering new places and cultures. My husband and I are also big football fans and go to as many games as we can -- we met at a Paris Saint-Germain football game!

What are your favorite crafts and what's your craft space like?

My favorite crafts are by far any kind of Ikea makeover project! I love transforming classic Ikea products into unique pieces that really add a touch of fancy to my apartment. Before moving to London, I had a pretty big flat with an entire room to stock my craft supplies. In our new East London flat, though, I just have a small corner in our living room…! Our dining table is a pretty good work surface, and all of my supplies are stored in a closet when I’m not working on a project.

What do you craft along to?

Since so many of my projects are recipes of some sort, I often have the Food Network playing on the TV in the background while I cook or craft. I’m also a big youtube fan, so sometimes I catch up on the latest videos from some of my favorite vloggers. Otherwise, I’ve got Radio Nova streaming on the radio -- it’s a French radio station that plays a fantastic mix of new and old school pop, rock, hip hop… basically a curated version of great music!

What was the first project you ever made?

I was pretty crafty when I was a kid (think popsicle stick picture frames, macaroni necklaces…) but I distinctly remember one of the first real projects I did was a coat rack made out of an old scrap piece of wood, my very first hot glue gun, and marbles that I’d painted red, blue, green and yellow. It was a gift for my brother to help him organize his jackets and hats. I thought I was going to be featured in Architectural Digest with this masterpiece, but in reality, it was probably not very pretty! I remember having “invented” the green paint color because I didn’t have any green paint, and it was this funky yellowish green. I still remember this project fondly, though, and remember feeling so proud to have made something for my big brother.

What are your favorite items to make?

My favorite items to make from scratch (ie, not a makeover project) would probably be any time of tissue paper or crepe paper pom-poms or garlands. They’re sooo easy and don’t cost much to make, they’re really a perfect craft project. I also really love candle making – these are also super easy, and make great gifts too. Lots of my projects are recipe inventions or some kind of “copycat” recipe of something that I miss from the US (like my pizza rolls, for example!).

Which other craft blogs do you love to read?

I really use Pinterest quite a bit for craft inspiration, but I'm also a big fan of the Ikea Hackers concept, so visit that website quite a bit.

On a craftier note, I recently fell in love with

The designs and ideas are amazing and do-able, which is key -- it's nice to look at pretty pictures, but being able to actually make some of the projects is cool, too!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I would just like to say thank you for featuring me! I am pretty new to the world of blogging, but not new to crafting and DIY’s, so this is an amazing opportunity to share some of my ideas with the world. I love discovering other designers, crafters, and bloggers, so hopefully this will allow me to connect with even more people!

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