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Sarah McColl

Pink Of Perfection's Sarah McColl

Sarah McColl
Brooklyn, NY
Producer & Editor

What are your hobbies?

entertaining, reading in the bathtub, lattes and coffee, trolling etsy for vintage plates, flirting with babies, junk shops, trying to find the perfect red bicycle, sittin' around, walkin' around, yoga, ice cream cones

What are your favorite crafts and what's your craft space like?

I love to cook, and I think of cooking and crafting as related since they're both about creative and have similar meditative qualities. But aside from cooking, I'd say sewing. I'm not a great sewer, but I just love being around those pretty fabrics, ribbon, buttons, and ric rac!

What do you craft along to?

I always do my holiday crafts to When Harry Met Sally... For other times of the year, Camera Obscura and the Magnetic Fields make a great crafting backdrop. I also have an old candy cane striped record player that I play all my old records on: Fleetwood Mac, bossa nova, Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith. And I love the Splendid Table podcast, but I'm usually scrubbing the bathtub, not crafting, when I listen to it!

What was the first project you ever made?

One of those Eye of Gods at camp when I was a wee thing with popsicle sticks and yarn. Then, when I was in 7th grade, my mom taught me to knit. I thought the most romantic thing in the world would be knitting a scarf for a beau. Of course, I didn't have boyfriend, though.

What are your favorite items to make?

I like making simple little things for my home or to give to people: napkins, things to hang on the wall, homemade cards, embroidering on vintage hankies.

Which other craft blogs do you love to read?

Is there anything else you'd like to add?


Check out more creativity and fantastic videos from Sarah McColl on her blog, the Pink Of Perfection. (Photography by Kate and

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What's your favorite...

TV Show
90210, Law & Order, Mad Men, the Anne of Green Gables miniseries
Magnetic Fields & Camera Obscura
You just can't beat the Sound of Music.
Pride & Prejudice; The Gastronomical Me; Manhattan, When I Was Young; Lonesome Dove
To wear: pink, red, black, vibrant blues, navy. For interiors, I like relaxing, watery blues and greens. Oh, and I am also loving that 50's aqua right now!
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