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Have you always been creative and what’s the earliest work you can remember creating?

I truly believe every single person is born creative and it is a flame that has to be consistently fanned or else we lose that beautiful spark. The earliest work I remember creating was a Mother's Day card for my mom, I believe I drew a family portrait covered in hearts.

What's your studio like and how do you keep organised?

On a good day everything is in the right place, organized and ready to be used, but after a creative session it usually looks like an explosion of art supplies. In my studio my work space is a gorgeous 6 foot long, white desk with over 12 drawers that holds all of my supplies. This is a vast improvement from how I started, which was painting on the floor (still do at times) with a few cubby holes to hold my leaking paint containers.
I believe you can create anywhere and no fancy studio is needed, but having an atmosphere that inspires rather than hinders definitely makes a difference!

Where do you look for inspiration?

My children. Every day I consider myself incredibly blessed to witness life through their eyes and be amazed at the raw innocence and beauty they find in everything.
As adults we forget what it is like to stand still and look at all the details to discover the magical potential in whatever lies before us, whether a pebble, a person or just a cloud.
They constantly remind me to take it all in and if it weren't for my two little muses who have taught me

Whats in your pencil case / camera bag?

An explosion of supplies.
I would love to be an organized creator but alas, I am not. My desk is covered in watercolor paints, brushes, acrylics, paper and various pens, pencils and much more.

Any tips for someone suffering from creative block?

Climb the wall.

For so long I believed that creative block was a wall you had to knock over and push through. When you were stuck in a rut you just had to get out your paints and force yourself to be creative to get through it, but now I have come to learn otherwise.

Don't knock the wall over, climb it. Find a way to use that rut to inspire creativity and learn from it so you can avoid it next time. Don't force yourself to create in your usual manner when you aren't feeling it but do take that opportunity to explore other creative outlets. Expanding your mind to look at new angles will probably be the very motivation and inspiration that will boost you OVER the creative block.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I love photography. My knowledge is very limited and it is definitely something I want to explore but it won't stop me from breaking out my camera and snapping away. There is something magical about capturing split seconds of history and finding the hidden stories that happen to quickly in real time.

I also love to break out the recycling bin and see what crazy crafts my kids and I can come up with, our latest was a theater complete with paper towel roll puppets!

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Hard to choose just one, recently I've been enjoying the "100"
Dave Matthews
Serenity (Off the top of my head)
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The Alchemist
Colin Davidson, Paula Bonet, Christian Hoook, Elizabeth Elkin
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Winsor & Newton mini palette and brush