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When did you first start getting crafty and creative with fashion?

In 2010 during my Masters degree. I've always wanted to sew so that's when I decided to buy myself a sewing machine and just do it.

Who are your favorite fashionistas and designers?

I love anything that Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast) or Kristen Sundberg (Bykiki) wears.

Designers... there are just so many, Alexander Wang, Claude Maus, Dion Lee, Gareth Pugh, the list could go on really.

What are your ultimate style tips?

Always keep your basics handy.

I DIY a lot of random stuff, sometimes plain and simple and others with patterns and embellishments. Sometimes it's easy to overdo it, so having the basic is always good.

If you could borrow one thing from a celebrities wardrobe, what & who would you choose?

I've never really thought about it, but I'm not thinking celebrities, more fictional characters.. like Khaleesi in Game of Thrones, anything drapey she wears is good with me!

Which fashion blogs do you love to read?

Fashion Toast and Bykiki

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I try and do ALL the crafts. Anything I think I can make, I will try.

Aside from the obvious DIY everything, I love to pole dance, rock climb, yoga, travel and bake.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Happy crafting ;)

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What's your favorite...

Favorite TV Show:
Game of Thrones, Break Bad, Walking Dead, Friends, Buffy, American Horror Story
Favorite Band:
Too many - anything indie rock
Favorite City:
Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Stavanger
Favorite Movie:
Scott Pilgrim Saves the World, Wolf of Wall Street, Mean Girls
Favorite Magazine:
Frankie (Australian)
Favorite Fashion Brand:
Claude Maus
Favorite Color:
Favorite Shop: