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When did you first start getting crafty and creative with fashion?

As far as I can remember! My mom was a home seamstress so I was exposed to the sewing world at an early age. I would take the fabric scraps she had left over and make outfits for my dolls.

Who are your favorite fashionistas and designers?

A couple of my favorite fashionistas are Rihanna and Tracee Ellis Ross. My favorite designers at the moment are Nicky & Simone Zimmermann.

What are your ultimate style tips?

Be confident and wear what makes you comfortable. At the same time, don't be afraid to experiment. Play around with colors and textures. Style should be expressive and enjoyable.

If you could borrow one thing from a celebrities wardrobe, what & who would you choose?


Which fashion blogs do you love to read?

I occasionally visit some of the top fashion blogs such as A Pair and a Spare, Wendy's Lookbook and Collage Vintage etc.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

In my spare time, I enjoy coming up with interior decorating ideas for my home and tending to my plants.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

"Secondhand does not mean second best."

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What's your favorite...

Favorite TV Show:
Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black and Blackish to name a few
Favorite Band:
Hard to say because I listen to various genres
Favorite City:
New York
Favorite Movie:
Ghost (it's been my fav since I was a kid).
Favorite Magazine:
Favorite Fashion Brand:
Ones that embrace the slow fashion movement.
Favorite Color:
Blush pink and earthy greens
Favorite Shop:
Thrift stores and online consignment shops