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Ozzy Blackbeard

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When did you first start sewing and how did you learn?

I first started sewing in secondary school when I was taught in Home Economics, and it's amazing that I ever stuck with it because my teacher wasn't very nice! I always had an interest though because my Granny sewed, and she usually had her sewing machine sitting out when I was at her house. I recall her showing me how to do buttonholes when I was about seven. I went to a sewing class when I was twenty, and dabbled with altering things until I got into sewing properly about four years ago.

Can you remember the first thing you made?

I think the first thing that I made in school was a bag; and when I started sewing four years ago, it was the Colette Patterns Ginger skirt. I made it with some lilac gabardine that came from my Granny. It's lovely, and I still wear it!

Do you have any favourite pattern designers or celebrity sewers?

I tend to go with the independent sewing pattern companies, as I love the more usual styles. My favourites are Colette Patterns, Tilly And The Buttons, By Hand London and Deer and Doe.

What's your sewing room like and how do you organize your stash?

I started off with one end of the computer desk, then upgraded to a desk in the corner of the back bedroom; my cutting table was the dining table. But before Christmas I moved all my stuff up to the attic, and it is now my dedicated sewing space, including a cutting table on wheels! It's fantastic!

What music/podcasts/TV shows do you love to stitch along to?

I tend to listen to any of the bands that I listed in my favourites, and any other rock bands too. I don't watch TV dramas, but love history and science shows, so I watch those on the i-player.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

As well as sewing, I knit and crochet, I also like going to the gym. I don't cook though - I hate cooking, total waste of time!!

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What's your favorite...

TV Show
Neighbours - total bubblegum tv, and cheerier than the UK soaps!
There are too many bands that I love to just pick one! There's Aerosmith, The White Stripes, Jack White, Queen, Transvision Vamp, U2, David Bowie,The Struts - the list goes on...
I don't have one.
I don't watch many films, so I don't really have a favourite.
I have loads of favourite books though! There is all the Harry Potter books, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, but my absolutely favourite is The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie.
Purple and green; I can't choose between them.
Fabric Brand
I don't have any particular favourites.
Sewing accessory or Tool
Wrist pin cushion - couldn't do without it!