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Natalie Ho
Toronto, ON, Canada
Head of Marketing and Branding at a Consulting Firm by day and a DIY and Style Blogger by night.

When did you first start getting crafty and creative with fashion?

Ever since I was a kid! I loved re-fashioning my clothes and jeweler. I used to disassemble my jewelry and re-made them into other pieces. I once thought I would be a jewelry designer. In 2010, I opened up My Little Secrets, which was originally an online shop featuring a number of ‘fashionable yet functional’ items. Due to my travelling schedule, I decided to slow the shop down and transformed my website into now a Fashion DIY blog. I am a big believer that if you love something you can make it on your own.

Who are your favorite fashionistas and designers?

My favourite fashionistas are definitely some of the top fashion bloggers out there. I find that they offer a much more ‘realistic’ approach to fashion and can inspire me to create the same looks. I also adore Mira Duma and Jessica Alba as style icons.

In terms of designers, I can’t say I have favourites! I find that every designer brings a different perspective and style to fashion. However I do prefer designers that offer clean lines, classic pieces with a modern touch, i.e. think Phillip Lim!

What are your ultimate style tips?

Ultimate style tips? 1) Keep it simple, 2) Highlight to 2 key colours in your outfit 3) Embellish with statement jewelry 4) Pay attention to details 5) Find the perfect fit 6) Buy comfortable and good quality shoes!

If you could borrow one thing from a celebrities wardrobe, what & who would you choose?


Which fashion blogs do you love to read?

A few of my daily reads and inspiration for fashion come from – Song of Style, Wendy’s Lookbook, Sincerely Jules, Atlantic-Pacific, Brooklyn Blonde, A Pair and A Spare, and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I also love to do home décor crafts – i.e. decorative bowls, art work for the home, lamp shades. I recently purchased a home so I’ve already got a million ideas running through my head in terms of decorative home accessories!
DIY-ing is definitely my hobbie. However I also enjoy cooking, travelling, and doing yoga on my spare time.

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What's your favorite...

Favorite TV Show:
Modern Family, Suits, Game of Thrones, Homeland
Favorite Band:
Favorite City:
Toronto! (New York and Barcelona come to mind as well)
Favorite Movie:
Love Actually
Favorite Magazine:
Favorite Fashion Brand:
ZARA and J.Crew
Favorite Color:
Grey and Blush
Favorite Shop:
Kate Spade, J.Crew