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Silje Beate Karlstad
Tromso, Norway
Medical secretary, with makeup as a hobby

How would you describe your style and who are your style icons?

I don't think I have a spesific style. I wear what I want :) And I don't have so much knowlegde about fashion and that kind of stuff! :)

What's in your everyday make-up bag?

Because I work in our hospital here in Tromso, I don't use makeup regularly. But if I had a everyday make-up bag I would have my brow products, maskara, eyeshadow base and natural eyeshadow (probably Makeup Geek "cosmopolitan" eyeshadow) with me. And at least 2 flashy colored eyeshadow to mash it up once in a while.

What is your beauty routine like?

When I actually use makeup and play with it, I always start with washing my face and apply moisturizing cream, and then do my face, brow and eyes. I don't have any favourite face washes because of allergies, but use clean water for the most part.

If you could makeover a celebrity, who would it be and what look would you give them?

I have always thought that Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries have a beautiful face and eyes, and could really see me apply makeup to them. Not because I think she needs a makeover, but just for fun and to play with makeup. I don't know what I would have done but it would be more colorful than in the series. The same goes for Emma Watson from Harry Potter to get to use more color.

Any tips for someone wanting to mix up their look?

I am self-taught, and I just played with color until my eyes hurt. Try and fail until you get it. I bought cheap palettes with many colors so that I could play with them as much as I wanted. And I would say that it payed off. Also use youtube and blogs to get ideas and tips/tricks.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I embroiders pictures. Makeup is my hobby, but i also read books, go hiking in mountains.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity! <3

Silje Beate Karlstad
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What's your favorite...

TV Show
Bones, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, Sherlock and much more
Rival Sons, Opeth, Daft Punk, Kaizers Orchestra
Tromso of course
Harry Potter, Wall-E, Batman series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Maleficent, and much more
Nemi (norwegian comicbook)
Beauty Brand
Makeup Geek!
Colour / Shade
Beauty Product
anastasia beverly hills - brow wiz in