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Janine Eshelbrenner
Dallas, TX
Small Business Owner

When did you first get in to cooking and do you remember the first recipe you tried?

My addiction to sweets began with a batch of obese looking gingerbread men one Christmas. Despite the fact that the cookies were seriously lacking in the beauty department, they were a big hit. And that’s all it took to pique my interest in the world of sugar art! Many hours filled with baking, decorating, and photographing followed.

What's your kitchen like and how do you keep organized when cooking?

Luckily, I have a lot of cabinets and counter space. I use many different shapes and sizes of containers and tupperware to keep my supplies in order. Usually I end up spread out all over the kitchen during my baking projects and I just save the dreaded cleanup stage till the end.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to become a better cook?

Practice, practice, practice and don't be afraid of failure. It's fun to experiment with different flavors and decorating techniques. While they don't always work out, they are always a learning experience.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party and what would you cook for them?

Bill Burr. He would probably have me laughing so hard that I wouldn't be able to eat! For dinner, we would probably have to order Chinese. :) For dessert, I would make cake pops that look like his pet Pit Bull.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I love to do graphic design. Since my husband and I own a sign shop, any crafts I do usually involve large format printing of design work. My other favorite way to spend my time is gardening with my Chihuahua, Murray, by my side (or sometimes right in my lap while I'm trying to weed).

Which cooking blogs do you love to read?

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Cookies, Cake Pops, Cupcakes, and any sweet treat that can be decorated

What's your favorite...

TV Show
Game of Thrones
Maroon 5
I love living in Dallas!
Cook Book
Baked: New Frontiers In Baking
LorAnn Flavorings
Kitchen Gadget
Cake pop stands