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Mikko Sumulong
Chief Crafter

When did you first start crafting and how did you learn?

I was an only child growing up. That pretty much meant that I was a bit bratty, and not that much fun to have around as a playmate. My mom kept me busy with lots and lots of craft activities. Crafting is still the one thing that binds us together.

Can you remember the first thing you made?

I'm pretty sure there are lots of things I've made before this particular project. I do remember my mom whipping out Shrink Art sheets for the first time when I was 10. I had several friends over, and we were all wowed. How our artwork on flimsy plastic magically turned into sturdy keychains was beyond us!

Where do you look for inspiration?

Like most other people, sites like Pinterest and Craftgawker are definite must-visits. I do, however, find inspiration in everyday things. Pattern in clothing and fabric, TV shows, restaurants and my condo's view.

What's your craft space like and how do you organize your supplies?

I currently live in a two-bedroom flat in the Philippines. I don't necessarily have a craft room or studio, so the dining table doubles as a work station. My tools are packed up in many plastic containers stacked up in the back room.

I do have some craft organization modules to house at the stuff I use most often.

What music/podcasts/TV shows do you love to craft along to?

The funny thing is that my addiction to television and movies grew with my addiction to crafting. I can't seem to make anything when it's too quiet! Music doesn't cut it for me, because I work best with actual conversation chatter.

Name any TV show on air, and chances are, I follow the series. Embarrasing, I know.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

There was a time when analog photography was my thing. I still have hundreds of printed photos lying around somewhere, alongside the large collection of cameras. Maybe I should take those babies out for a spin again!

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