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McKenzie Guymon
Hailey, Idaho, USA

How would you describe your style and who are your style icons?

My style is happy, sassy, modest, and full of textures, prints, and color! I am a huge fan of Betsey Johnson, Rachel Zoe, and Victoria Beckham.

What's in your everyday make-up bag?

It is out of control! I have moisturizer, concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyebrow powder, lip liner, lip stick, and lip gloss. Did I mention I have several choices for each of these items in there too?

What is your beauty routine like?

For my day to day routine, I try to keep it simple. I make sure to wash my face twice a day, exfoliating on one of those times. I wear concealer, foundation, eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, and mascara daily, but depending on how much time I have, I will do more than that. I typically will wear blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow too.

If you could makeover a celebrity, who would it be and what look would you give them?

I would makeover Kim Kardashian. Her look is way too stuffy. I would cut her hair and give her a much less polished look that people could actually relate to.

Any tips for someone wanting to mix up their look?

I suggest paying attention to what people's looks are that you really admire. Try out different styles of makeup until you find a style you really like. Makeup is really easy to switch up because it can just be washed off.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I really enjoy crafting, but I don't get to do it as often as I would like because most of my hobbies include home decor if I am not doing something beauty related. I really enjoy designing my home.

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