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Hamburg, Germany
Student and MakeUp Lover

How would you describe your style and who are your style icons?

My typical make-up is glamorous but colorful, classic but experimental at the same time. I like to try out new looks and color combinations but I always have to wear false lashes with it! I don't really have style icons, because I consider make-up an art and not just a style and because my "style" is pretty boring aside from my makeup ;)

What's in your everyday make-up bag?

Foundation, bronzer, eyebrow pomade, mascara and lashes and maybe highlighter for the extra glow

What is your beauty routine like?

I don't wear make-up everyday because I really like to spend time on it. So when I have time, I spend 1-2 hours doing it, enjoying the process. I usually have a tv show or podcast playing while I create my look.

If you could makeover a celebrity, who would it be and what look would you give them?

I would love to do make-up on Jennifer Lawrence, not because she's in need of a makeover but because I think it would be very fun! I would love to give her a super sexy vampy look!

Any tips for someone wanting to mix up their look?

Just try to change up little things first to break up the routine.
Make-up is a great way to mix it up, because you wash it off at the end of the day and can look totally different tomorrow. If you really want to bring some color to your life, try colorful eyebrows, I think they're very fun!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I love to cook, travel, and listen to audiobooks. But more importantly I like to spend as much time with my friends as possible!

  • false Make-Up Techniques
  • false Special FX Make-Up
  • false Face Painting
  • false Nail Art / Painting
  • false Hair Styling
  • false Hair Coloring
  • false Hair Cutting
  • false Tattoo / henna / body-art
  • false

What's your favorite...

TV Show
The office, friends, true detective
Florence, Italy
The little mermaid and Pulp Fiction
i don't read magazines :D
Beauty Brand
Too faced, NYX, Sleek, Urban Decay
Colour / Shade
turquoise and burgundy
Beauty Product
False lashes