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What are your hobbies?

I love music and I love going to concerts. Shopping, eatings, visiting places/traveling, and of course spending time with my people and my fur babies!

What are your favorite crafts and what's your craft space like?

I love creating. I like to paint my phone cases, but I also love to think in miniature and do nail art. I love to "play" with polymer clay, and I really enjoy creating my own jewelry, sometimes are ideas of my own and sometimes I re-create things I get inspiration from. Whenever I see something that calls my attention I turn it into a design or a pattern (in my head) and think: what piece of jewelry can I create with this idea? What kind of nail art would look nice with it? What dessert would look cute and tasty with this concept? How would my cell phone look with this design?. So on and so fort.

Crafting space-wise. I have 2 desks. One for my hurricane a.k.a crafting space, and the other one where I have my computer. My crafting table is generally messy, but thankfully I fount this pretty cool desk that hides everything when I am not using my space (when I´m editing or doing stuff on my computer). You are lucky, it´s as clean as it will get right now. it´s clean right now because sometimes I get too anxious to see everything in there, it´s just too much...

What do you craft along to?

I get a lot of inspiration from TV show. If is an actress wearing a jewelry item or something that calls my attention on a specific scene, and things like that.

What was the first project you ever made?

Absolutely. It was like 4 years ago. (Super rambly)

Polymer clay-wise: It was a polymer clay cake. I still have it somewhere, here is a slice.

Baking-wise, I made some fondant Hello Kitty Cupcakes. Too bad I lost the image, at the time is seemed like a good photo, but really it was edited over the top because I was getting familiar with photoshop at the time as well.

Nail art-wise: I actually had a previous channel, it was just for nail art, then I decided I wanted to expand my horizons, and deleted the account (I wasn´t feeling it) but my first nail art was a funky french tip nail art.

A little background story here: I started my crafting journey because of Youtube. I believe I was bored, with nothing interesting to do and who knows what I was looking for on Youtube when I discovered all these amazing people crating things with polymer clay, doing nail art, baking and doing crafts. Not the same person but different channels, and I loved it all, I remember feeling identified with everything, the feeling of belonging. I went to a baking supply store and I remember being so happy to see all those pretty things, and all I wanted to do is go home and start baking. As far as for nail art, I think I got inspired from Plasma Speedo or/and Cutepolish. Boyfriend got me a camera that same year for Christmas and I am obsessed now (in a healthy way).

What are your favorite items to make?

Too many. I think that´s why I have a youtube channel because I can share my ideas on items of multiple areas. I love making jewelry using polymer clay, I love doing phone cases, I love baking and doing nail art, fashion revamps or crafts around the house. My mind is everywhere. If I am not doing one of these, I miss it.

Which other craft blogs do you love to read?

I love party supply/styling blogs. I get inspired from them too.

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TV Show
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Too many!
I´m reading The House at the End of the Street
Black, so elegant and versatile.
I love food, but Salads is what comes to mind.
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