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Zoe Feast
Web/Graphic Designer

Have you always been creative and what’s the earliest work you can remember creating?

Yes, I have always been creative, I learned to knit at 5 years old and used to make little bags.
Now, by day, I work as a self employed web and graphic designer but by night, if my creativity is not exhausted, I dabble in all sorts of projects.

What's your studio like and how do you keep organised?

I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous home studio with high vaulted ceiling and great natural light. It also serves as my home office.

Where do you look for inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration come from nature. I love working with "free" material such as driftwood, shells and sea glass. My creations cost next to nothing to make and that's how I like it!

Whats in your pencil case / camera bag?

My desk drawer houses lots of jump drives, chalk pastels, Ink Intense pencils, watercolor paints, water soluble oil paints, sharpie markers, a scalpel, a set of colored inks and a hot glue gun.

Any tips for someone suffering from creative block?

Don't sit there fretting about it. Get up and do something completely different, go in the garden and pull weeds, clean out the fridge. Once when suffering from terrible creative block when working on a logo project, my moment of ah-ha came when I was pumping gas!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I probably spend too much time on Pinterest, I enjoy gardening (when Chicago is not a frozen wasteland) and love going to new places

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What's your favorite...

TV Show
Dowton Abbey, Gold Rush
Lilly Allen
Anything British
Magazine / Book
Any magazine with coastal decor
Georgia O'Keeffe
Anything...don't like to limit myself
Tool or Product You Couldn't Live Without
My ipad