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Kelley Gilbert
Central Oregon
Stay at home mom and maker

When did you first start sewing and how did you learn?

I learned when I was a kid. I really did not enjoy it. I liked making, often drawing, painting and gluing something together. When I became a mother I started sewing again and haven't stopped!

Can you remember the first thing you made?

A pair of hammer pants. yeah

Do you have any favourite pattern designers or celebrity sewers?

Yes. I love Shelly of Figgy's patterns, and I am really into the Wiksten patterns.

What's your sewing room like and how do you organize your stash?

My sewing room is really our double insulated garage. I have a lot more space that way and its totally out of the house. I organize my stash by size of cut. less than half a yard goes into boxes by color, then from there they are in clear boxes. I also organize my type of fabric: cotton quilters weight, jersey, fleece, heavy weights, decor etc.

What music/podcasts/TV shows do you love to stitch along to?

I try to make a play list, but I love to listen to audiobooks when I am sewing.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I am currently working on learning as many new techniques as I can teach myself. I am calling it my 365 makes project and it is on my blog. Every 30 days I switch mediums and within that medium try as many techniques as I can think of... I started Jan 1, and I am still working on it!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

my children are a big inspiration to me. They think I can make anything, even mold new legos, but their belief in me makes it more meaningful to keep learning...

Kelley Gilbert
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What's your favorite...

TV Show
Doctor Who. My parents watched the doctor when I was a kid and when they started the show back up I immediately started watching.
Lana del Rey
Portland, OR
Anything by Tom Robbins. not only is it local to me, but its so odd and wonderful that I get sucked into the story immediately.
I love all colors so its hard to choose a favorite, but I always love a good red tone.
Fabric Brand
Sewing accessory or Tool
Other than my sewing machine is the designated fabric mallet. it has a soft gel edge and I love love love since I sew alot of thick seems.