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Kerry and Andy
Cleveland, Ohio

Tell us a bit about your home and what you love about it the most?

We actually *just* bought a new house that we're in the process of moving into, so we'll talk about our old house, which we've lived in for five years. This house is a registered historic site built in 1890 in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland, which is a great, walkable neighborhood full of hip restaurants and shops. Over the years we've renovated almost every part of our home, by ourselves as much as possible. Our favorite thing about this home is that this is where we did our very first projects together and learned everything we know about DIY, renovation, and decorating!

What was the first DIY project you did to your home or first thing you made for it?

The first thing we did when we bought this house was paint every single room a totally different, totally bright color -- a pink dining room, a red living room, a teal family room, a yellow entryway. Of course it looked terrible, so we've spent the last few years painting over all of it with much lighter, more complementary colors.

Do you have any tips for staying tidy & organised?

Designate a place for everything, but most importantly, make sure everyone else in the house knows where everything is supposed to go, too. Sometimes we have our own ideas that we don't share with each other, and then neither of us can ever find anything!

If you could tour any celebrities home, who would it be?

We love midcentury design, so it would be a lot of fun to have a chance to visit designer Orla Kiely's home. She creates iconic '60s-inspired patterns for her clothes, purses and homewares, and her home is decorated in the same style. It would be a lot of fun to see it in person and, undoubtedly, come away incredibly inspired.

If you had three wishes, what changes would you make to your home?

Our house is a registered historic site, so we're unable to make any major changes to it. However, if we could, we'd love to create an open-concept kitchen/living area, so we could keep an eye on our rambunctious puppy everywhere she runs. Another project that we've dreamed of is to turn our third floor finished attic into a huge master suite with a spa-like bathroom, walk-in closet, and big master bedroom. That sounds like a dream. And finally, we wish that all of our windows opened! Sometimes it's the little things...

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

We like to say that our hobbies right now are: 1. moving;
2. taking care of our 10-month-old goldendoodle puppy, Ruby; and 3. preparing for our first baby in January. There's not much time for anything else!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We love DIYing because it allows us to work together as a couple to create something we need, to solve problems, and to improve our home. It's a huge part of our lives and we're always excited about the next project. We like to say Andy makes things; Kerry makes things pretty. So together we can do almost anything!

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