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Jamie Hoover
Substitute teacher, administrative assistant, and Lifestyle blogger

Tell us a bit about your home and what you love about it the most?

I love living outside of town with a big open yard and space between the houses in the neighborhood. There are lots of trees and birds are always chirping. Having a peaceful outside makes the inside seem more calming as well!

What was the first DIY project you did to your home or first thing you made for it?

I've been doing DIY and craft projects since I was a young child, so I don't actually remember the first project that I would have done for my own space. I do have a desk that I painted for my bedroom that is one of the first things since starting for my blog that I did for my house rather than to sell.

Do you have any tips for staying tidy & organised?

I have two....Put everything back where you found it, if not right when you are done using it, then at the end of the day. And label, label, label. I'm obsessed with having supplies in clear boxes with labels on the outside!

If you could tour any celebrities home, who would it be?

Martha Stewart....she has been my idol for many years. I'd love to see how she decorates, cleans, organizes, crafts, get the idea!

If you had three wishes, what changes would you make to your home?

I don't own my own home right now, but in my dream home I would need 1) A large craft studio where I could have room to work and organize all my supplies 2) Lots of windows with natural light coming in and 3) A room dedicated totally to storage of decorations, items I'm not using, etc. That would allow me to keep the rest of the house neat!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I love working with oven-bake clay and doing decorative/crafty painting. My town has an open house event at the start of the Christmas season, so I make a lot of snowmen, gingerbread, and santas.

Jamie Hoover
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What's your favorite...

TV Show
NCIS, Gilmore Girls
You've Got Mail
Country Living
Pottery Barn, Banana Republic
Craft Tool
Hairdryer....for speeding up the drying time of my paint!