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Miss Cake

We chat to Sarah Broadhurst and give you the chance to win a personalised cake topper!

Miss Cake

Win a cake topper or necklace from Miss Cake:

We're giving you a chance to win your very own piece of Miss Cake. To enter, have a go at designing your own cake topper or necklace and post a photo, drawing or sketch below. Sarah will pick her favourite and make your idea in to a reality.

Contest closes on February 20th.

Congratulations to davisbabe, who won the cake topper and Pam, who won the necklace.

Sarah Broadhurs's alter ego in the business world is Miss Cake. After briefly making cakes for a living, hence ‘Miss Cake’ Sarah made the "random and expensive decision to buy a laser cutting machine" who goes by the name of Larry the laser cutter; now ‘Miss Cake’ hosts a whole range of laser cut products from cake toppers to jewellery. We caught up with her to chat about all things business and crafty.

Miss Cake was set up 3 years ago after what Sarah describes as a "Thrisis- a mid life crisis at 30. After getting a bit fed up in my social work job, I came up with the idea to make cakes for a living. The name choice took a while but I realised the website was available and went for it!" The switch from baking to laser cutting came as Sarah describes she "soon realised the effort:profit ratio was rather skewed not in my favour- late nights slaving over sugarcraft flowers was not really my cup of tea! Buying a laser cutting machine meant I could continue on my newly rediscovered creative journey!"

"Now I have my own business I don’t think that I would want to go back to the other side and be employed again; I have had a vague dream to own a tea shop but I didn’t really think about starting a business until I had been with my partner Craig for a while. Craig runs a successful pest control and mail order business so we now run Miss Cake alongside the pest control which is a rather random combination!"

I ask Sarah about her dream client to design for and she chooses the "ultimate domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson who she would design a cake topper for; I could so see one of my cake toppers in one of her cakes and gracing the pages of her cookbook. The dream for Miss Cake is to carry on doing what I love and continue increasing sales and recognition. I would love to go into collaboration with other creative types on a product idea and expand Miss Cake to more than cake toppers by thinking of an amazing new concept- that hasn’t come to me yet though!"

One thing that is impressive about the Miss Cake website is how professionally the products are photographed; "I get inspiration for good product photography from the Etsy front page; I love the white background/bright colours look. The best area in my house is the dressing table in the attic! Every so often on a sunny day, I clear everything off and have a little session with a fake cake and toppers. Daylight gives better lighting so I take my jewellery photography in the garden. (Miss Cake also sells a whole range of jewellery) I only have a digital camera and use Picasa (which you can download for free) so I am no expert but I find that finding a set up that works for you and sticking to it is probably my best tip; then your photos will look uniform."

The Miss Cake website also showcases the Brighton collection with products such as prints: "Brighton is one of my favourite places- I have spent most of my life living near or in Brighton. I love the creativeness of it, the shops, the nightlife and the people. More recently I have discovered an amazing craft scene- there are tons of craft fairs full of interesting and friendly people." Now I immediately want to visit Brighton’s craft scene!

Cliché it may be but I have to ask what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: Sarah says the advice was from her partner Craig- "to be careful what you spend your money on; so far, I have spent practically nothing on my website or advertising and built my business up by word of mouth. Also I had to forget about working 9-5 which is what I was used to- you need to be prepared to work long hours for nothing to begin with so make sure that your are financially stable and have the determination to cope with this. Also social networks are your new friends!"


first off i would like to say all the ideas posted here are all deserving of being made into a cake topper for the simple reason of to take the time to express one's self to strangers and allowing one's self to be judged.

with that concept for a cake topper is a ongoing theme betwen my wife and i that we have had since day one when we met.
my wife is and always will be my ^A^ngel from heaven and well i'm just your normal average guy with a 8 inch goatee so she calls me her devil . lol
so as my drawing shows i decided to take the angel/devil theme and combine a little into each person.
besides when two people get married doesn't their lives become one and intertwine? Happy

Small 100 0194
Necklace...cake toppers, all remind me of falling in love. You fall in love and your loved one gives you a necklace at one point. You fall deeply in love that you both decided on marriage, that's where a cake topper is involved. All remind me of falling in love and the feeling you get like you're just falling without stopping, this is my drawing I did on photo shop/
Small falling girl
This is a really special theme for my husband and myself, I would love to see it as a cake topper! I had looked around for even something similar but I could only find male cops and women in wedding dresses. What makes this so special for us is that the prisoner number is actually our date, 071612, and my name spelling LAW. I'm not very good at drawing, but I tried my best.
Small 100 0091
What a cool idea to do these cake toppers!!
My mom, sister, and I are all in college right now taking the prerequisites to apply to start a RN nursing program in August. It has been quite a struggle and will continure to be I'm sure but having the three of us working on it together has really helped! We will find out if we are accepted into the program in July and if we are we will be celebrating! So my idea for a cake topper is a shooting star (us reaching for a goal) filled with a heart (us doing this as a family) and ofcourse a nurse cap inside the heart to represent what we are working so hard to reach!
Small shooting star nurse cap
This is a really great article! You can never be told enough times to "follow your dreams", and I'm so glad that Sarah has made it work for her. I love that her inspiration is from Etsy- inspiration from other artists like her! It's so great that we crafters can make such a happy community.
My dream necklace from Miss Cake would definitely be my own My Little Pony. I made her with General Zoi's Pony Creator, an online tool that lets you customize a My Little Pony about a million and a half ways. I designed this pony after myself... and who I'd like to be. Her Cutie Mark is two paw prints, one pink and one blue, after my cats who I love dearly who really opened my eyes to what I love- animals!
Small ariel pony
I love MissCake and all the wonderful designs there! I recently went to Nevada, and had fun gambling a bit while visiting my sister. Lady Luck didn't visit me much so I bought a little "Lucky Charm" to help improve my odds, it didn't work, lol. But I really loved all the little "lucky" bits for sale. So I sketched one up in the style of MissCake! It has the word "Lucky" in a cute font, but the "U" is a horseshoe, then attached at the end is a large Four Leafed Clover, for extra luck. The lettering is in a metallic gold, on a matte white back ground, the clover is an emerald green of course, all on a gold plated chain. Here is my rough draft and final idea Happy
Small lucky
Giraffes are cute for a wedding or Valentines I think, especially with bow ties/ hair bows Happy
Small jirafas
It would be amazing to have a peacock feather topping a cupcake!
Small peacock feather  2013
Tiny, not Rinette.
Duck Rules. This colorful display is at the local Duck Pond in South Orange, NJ. Printed on these ducks are the rules of the pond, such as 'Don't feed the ducks' and why. Such a display of Rinette, colorful ducks on top of a cake (pond themed) might delight people of all ages!
Small img 20120925 101134
Bee On A Flower
Small img 20121001 095015
I love music as well as nautical themed stuff, so I thought it would be cute to combine a treble clef with an anchor together. It could be a necklace or a cake topper.
Small snapshot 20121228
I love butteries! And I think a butterfly would look really pretty as a cupcake topper and as a necklace. I think the most difficult thing would be to decide which pattern and colour combination to use.
If had to choose though, I would choose the pattern similar to the one in that attached picture (taken last year at the Natural History Museum in London) but use purple as a base and yellow as the detail.

Small img 0107

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